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Hollywood cramming R rated movies into PG-13


Offsite Article: Angelic language...

Link Here8th February 2019
F-Bomb added to Alita: Battle Angel just to avoid a PG rating in the US

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Offsite Article: How Hollywood got the PG-13 bug...

Link Here14th April 2016
A good write up of the history of the introduction of the US PG-13 rating (and UK 12/12A ratings)

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Offsite Article: Box Office Suicide Squad...

Link Here17th November 2015
Writer for the movie news website Collider proposes a 14 rating for the US

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Offsite Article: Signs of Growing Up...

Link Here24th April 2015
Fifty Shades Darker, Equalizer 2 And The Return Of The R-Rated Franchise

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Offsite Article: The ongoing failure of the PG-13 rating...

Link Here 7th December 2014
An opinion piece on PG-13 backed up with a good history of the rating. By Chris Klimek

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Offsite Article: Bloodless Violence...

Link Here29th November 2014
Could R-Rated Violent Movies Actually Be Good For Younger Viewers?

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Offsite Article: PG-13 Has Ruined the Modern Action Movie...

Link Here 16th August 2014
Can you point to any decent action in a recent big-budget American movie? Action that isn't edited to ribbons so that it looks like a bunch of fuzzy arms and legs flying across the screen in a spasmodic flurry of movement?

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Update: Robocop And The Problem With PG-13...

Cutting down previously R rated movies so that they are suitable for kids

Link Here26th July 2014



Extract: Kids of Steel...

Superman comic writer lives in a fantasy you might expect

Link Here1st May 2013

Greg Rucka, who's written Superman and Batman comics, says that Warner Bros.' and Legendary's re-imagining of the classic American tale may lose the character's heart by going too gritty. He explains:

Superman is precisely what we should be teaching our children. Superman inspires us to our best. I haven't seen Man of Steel, haven't read the script, and I've assiduously avoided spoilers. I genuinely don't know if this reality will be present or not. I want it to be brilliant. I want it to be glorious. I want it to be inspiring. I am keeping the faith.

But that PG-13 on Man of Steel is making me nervous. I don't know what it means. I don't know if it's a warning that there's another k-shiv coming for the kidneys, or if it's just the cost-of-doing-business, or even if it's an MPAA-bias against all superhero violence. I don't know if this is a genuine caution to parents, or a marketing decision aimed at a demographic too-cool for Superman's brand of hope and idealism, yet embracing of Batman's self-loathing rough justice, to assure them their ticket will be money well-spent. I don't know if that PG-13 is there out of sincerity or cynicism or politics.

I just know that if you make a Superman movie you can't take kids to, you've done something wrong.

Perhaps Greg Rucka hasn't noticed that all action movies are now at least PG-13 rated (or higher). Movies need a PG-13 to get a little street cred, even from kids. The PG is now used only for Disney style children's films and as such it has become the mark of a children's only film. Certainly not what the marketeers want for a movie that is being sold to a wider audience.

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12th May

 Offsite Article: PG-13...

Now the most 'appropriate' rating for box office success. Last year, R-rated films constituted only 21% of the overall US box office, the lowest percentage in more than 30 years

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