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Nudists vs Swingers

Nudists and swingers share a venue but not ethics

26th September

Update: Battle of the Bulge...

Nudists vs swingers in Cap d'Agde

Tensions in the town of Cap d'Agde, which is known as France's Naked City thanks to its large nudist population, have risen after locals complained that the nudist quarter had been overrun by raunchy hotels and that children had been confronted with people indulging in sexual acts in public, according to the Independent.

The exhibitionist behaviour has been blamed on the libertines , a group of swingers who have descended on the town in recent years.

To make matters worse, the group has been accused of walking about in their clothes and mocking the real nudists, the paper said.

Florence Denestebe, an independent local councillor, recently told a council meeting: When the sun shines, there is an area of Cap d'Agde which turns into the European capital of free sex. She called on the mayor to intervene before there was an explosion of libertine behaviour in non-nudist areas of the town.


18th March

Update: Put a Sock on It...

Australian nudists distance themselves from swingers

Nudists have issued a "no overt sex" edict for unofficial nude beaches in response to a concerns about swingers parties.

The Australian Nudist Federation has published guidelines of appropriate behaviour for naturists.

The website also lists legal and unofficial nude beaches, affiliated resorts and a calendar of events such as naked tenpin bowling and the nude olympics.

It comes amid a spat between nudists over the adverse publicity surrounding a month-long swingers event at The White Cockatoo, a controversial north Queensland nudist colony.

ANF secretary Paul Brown said they wanted to show a new public face: Naturists enjoy social nudity, but like everyone else they keep their sex life private .

Many people erroneously believe that our lifestyle has sexual overtones, that couldn't be further from the truth, and we constantly have to remind people that we do nothing naked that you don't do fully clothed.

He said the website featured full frontal nudity, but was not pornographic. If you are a long-term nudist or just curious about trying public nudity for the first time, have a look. Don't worry, you won't encounter overt sex or swinging at any ANF affiliated club.


14th November

Prudie Nudies...

A Queensland hedonist event winds up nudist nutters

A month-long rainforest sex party at a notable Queensland nudist resort is a recipe for disaster that could attract sexual predators, prominent naturalists say.

The White Cockatoo Resort in Port Douglas has announced it will hold an adults-only month of hedonism in March next year in a bid to increase dwindling tourist numbers.

The resort once billed as the nation's top destination for swingers is close to being booked out, according to owner Tony Fox.

But nudists, who have described the planned romp as debauched , fear sexual predators will be enticed out of the woodwork by the throng of naked flesh.

The resort is asking for trouble once these things start it's very becomes very difficult to draw the lines about what's acceptable, Lindsay Parkyns, president of the Australian Nudist Federation, told ninemsn: This is going to fly in the face of years for campaigning . We try to get beaches to be clothes optional but unfortunately that attracts the wrong sort of people particularly single guys looking for sex and [the resort's party] will keep reinforcing that problem.

Mr Fox, owner of the White Cockatoo Resort, said next year's event had nothing to do with the prudie nudies and described their criticism as penis envy. The fact that it is almost fully booked out is proof there is a desire for a product like this.


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