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Satellite Porn in Canada

Channel licensed with half local programing


Update: Vivid Blue...

Canadian satellite porn channel Vanessa TV becomes VividTV

Link Here3rd October 2014
Full story: Satellite Porn in Canada...Channel licensed with half local programing
Canadian adult broadcaster Sex-Shop Television Inc. will rebrand its popular Vanessa TV service as VividTV in a new partnership venture with the multichannel television division of Vivid Entertainment, a major adult film company. The change is effective October 28.

The channel, which will offer programming in both French and English. The channel will provide the most popular Vanessa TV programming, along with content from Vivid.



Update: TubeSat...

Canadian TV regulators grant a satellite licence to broadcast user generated videos including porn

Link Here7th March 2014
Full story: Satellite Porn in Canada...Channel licensed with half local programing
A Canadian has dreamt up the idea of a sort of YouTube for satellite TV. Rob Hopkins has just been granted a federal licence to broadcast user-generated video, including pornography.

The CRTC, the federal regulator of radio and television, has approved two separate applications to supply video-on-demand.

Hopkins created software that cobbles together the videos, which can come from anywhere in Canada. Now he can sell that program to cable companies across the country.

The plan has already generated from miserable oppents who say the licence opens the door to possible exploitation, depending on how the content is regulated.

Hopkins says that's not his responsibility: I don't plan on moderating it, I give out a leased car, for example, that's my model right. You're a cable company, I give you the system and what not. You can moderate it .

He plans to use a program called open broadcaster to televise videos submitted by anyone who owns a camera in Canada. Those videos can be of anything, including porn.


1st November

Update: Vanessa...

Canadian porn channel for Canadians launches

Canadians are about to see a lot more of themselves on screen, albeit scantily clad and perhaps in some compromising positions.

Or so promises the first homegrown Canadian adult-oriented entertainment TV channel, which went on the air Thursday at 10 p.m.

The Montreal-based cable network, called Vanessa, went live first with its French channel, with an English counterpart to follow next year.

Its focus is not hardcore, but rather the softer side of sex. The channel will only show triple-X films after 11 p.m.

There is nothing like this in Canada, says Vanessa's content manager Pierre Thibeault. It's the first time Canadians will be able to see themselves as much as they will. This will be the case not only in the films they put on air, Thibeault says, but in programs that talk about sex — reality series, for instance, or sitcoms.

Anne-Marie Losique, known as Quebec's Queen of soft porn, and also head of the production company Image Diffusion International, is the woman behind Vanessa. She promises that the new network will show at least 40% homegrown content — double the amount than its carriage licence requires.


17th May

Update: Softly Softly...

Canada's Vanessa Channel will only by 10% porn

The woman behind Canada's first homegrown pay TV adult entertainment channel insists its programming will be soft and tasteful.

Quebec TV personality and producer Anne-Marie Losique, a household name in her home province for her daring style and X-rated series, promises content on Vanessa that's the channel's name will be much more than just porn movies.

The French-language adult subscription channel is launching in Quebec for $14.95 a month in October, with an English-language counterpart promised for the rest of Canada in late 2011.

There's nothing shameful about Vanessa, Losique said in an interview. It's going to be a general-interest TV with a sexy twist.

She noted the channel will offer some hard-core material, but stressed that overall, it is going to be soft a Canadian answer to Playboy Channel.

Recently, Christian nutters expressed 'outrage' that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) gave the green light to a national pay TV sex channel that will encourage and sustain a homegrown adult entertainment industry.

Losique said she understands religious groups' concerns, but said Vanessa is not a porn channel. There are enough of those already. That's not what we're interested in. She said X-rated movies will represent less than 10% of the programming aimed mostly at couples.

The channel will offer a range of erotic-themed dramas, reality shows, documentaries and variety and magazine shows. Losique said market studies have shown Quebec viewers want to learn something while watching X-rated content.


29th April

Update: The Evangelical Fellowship Recommends...

Canada's Vanessa satellite porn channel

Christians are 'appalled' that Ottawa is giving the green light to a Canadian pay TV pornography channel that will encourage and sustain a homegrown adult entertainment industry.

The channel, called Vanessa, will begin airing Oct. 28. Montreal-based Sex-Shop Television licensed the channel in 2007 as a national pay TV service. The licence requires Vanessa to air 20% of Canadian programming. But it's only now launching the French-language adult subscription channel in Quebec for $14.95 a month, with an English-language counterpart promised for the rest of Canada in late 2011.

Don Hutchinson, director of law and public policy for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, is 'outraged' that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is in effect, supporting a pornography industry that will lure young Canadians.

We have an official government body saying that a pornography industry must exist in Canada, Hutchinson said: Studies have shown that there are various levels of corruption, from organized crime to engagement in human trafficking and prostitution that are all affiliated directly with the pornography industry. The types of violent and explicitly sexual portrayals that are displayed in pornography reduce people to objects, Hutchinson said. [perhaps better to turn people into objects rather than turning them into paedophiles, which seems to be where church sexual repression often leads].

The CRTC, Canada's TV watchdog, said the pornography channel must follow industry codes on violence and equitable portrayals of the sexes.

The new service, billed as Canada's Playboy Channel, promises a range of erotic-themed dramas, reality shows, documentaries and variety and magazine shows. The Quebec broadcaster also will broadcast its soft-core pornographic content in HD.

Canadian cable and satellite TV services already feature a host of XXX-rated pay TV adult content, but they source the programming from U.S. suppliers.

Hutchinson said the Canadian pornography station will be given some form of preference, likely a lower channel number that will result in higher viewership.

He also lamented that while the CRTC has approved new pornography channels, it also recently rejected two applications for Christian radio stations in the Ottawa area.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada will now try to convince Canadians not to subscribe to the Vanessa channel: If it goes on air and it doesn't have enough subscribers, then the channel will die of a natural death .


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