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  The Essence Of Sex...

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Link Here 16th May 2018
DVD front cover The Essence Of Sex is a 2018 US adult film by Stills By Alan & Craven Moorehead (Fantasy Massage)

Starring Casey Calvert.

Promotional material

The Essence Of Sex: Part One

Essential oil sales rep Casey Calvert is getting all dolled up when spa masseuse Jane calls to invite her over. She's interested in seeing more of her products. Casey was just about to head out, but she happily switches her plans to make a sale.

Sexual Reflexology

Client Olivia Lua is taking a reflexology class taught by masseuse Jayden Cole. When she comes to the spa for her private lesson, redhead Jayden begins by massaging the reflexology points on her foot connected to the lungs, heart and throat. She takes the other foot and palpates the spots that correspond to the stomach, eyes, lower intestines, and finally, to her pussy. Olivia really feels that.

Chinese Medicinal Tummy Rub

Client Jaye Summers books a Chinese medicinal stomach massage with Vietnamese masseuse Cindy Starfall. The petite masseuse insists that Jaye undress completely, but Jaye thinks it's unnecessary to be naked for a tummy rub. She's here to relieve her cramps. But Cindy repeatedly tells her to relax, and although she sounds convincing, Jaye isn't sure Cindy understands what she's saying. Cindy focuses squarely on her butt and won't let up. Jaye wants to turn over for the tummy rub. Cindy lets her roll onto her back and tells her to close her eyes.

The Hidden Touch

Masseuse Kat Dior bought a tiny new vibrator with Bluetooth remote control. She shows it to her colleague Christie Stevens who comes up with a plan to stick it in a hot client and massage her together. Just then, Nikki Knightly walks in from the mall with lower back pain. They agree to take her on the spot, offering her a second pair of hands at no extra charge. This will be Nikki's first time with two girls.

The Essence Of Sex: Part Two

Essential oil sales rep Casey Calvert is getting all dolled up when spa masseuse Eliza Jane calls to invite her over. She's interested in seeing more of her products. Casey was just about to head out, but she happily switches her plans to make a sale.

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Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 11th May 2018
DVD front cover Blondage is a 2018 US adult film by Rikki Braun (Wicked Pictures)

Starring Blair Williams.

Promotional material

Wicked Pictures is back with a new hot movie "Blondage". Porn scion Rikki Braun continues his stylish, erotic voyage in the realm of hardcore sex. Inspired vision, masterful camerawork and a phenomenal cast make Blondage another superb entry in the oeuvre of the acclaimed young director.

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  Darcie Dolce: The Lesbian Fortune Teller...

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Link Here 7th May 2018
DVD front cover Darcie Dolce: The Lesbian Fortune Teller is a 2018 US adult film by Darcie Dolce (Filly Films)

Starring Ayumi Anime.

Promotional material

Sexy ladies seeking answers from Fortune Teller Darcie Dolce get more than they were expecting! Girls will be girls, figuring out what turns them on turns into definitely knowing and enjoying the process. Watch as they bend their bodies and feed their faces with pussy! Includes intense kissing, passionate foreplay, and scissoring.

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  Teens Swing With Couples...

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Link Here 2nd May 2018
DVD front cover Teens Swing With Couples is a 2018 US adult film by Bobby Manila (Hustler)

Starring Haley Reed.

Promotional material

Every couple could use a hot teenager to spice up their love lives! This Hustler release features young newbies who teach their older playmates some new tricks that get them revved up and ready to play hard! Its hardcore swingers with their teenage lovers that make everything new again! "Extra Credit Threesome"," Birthday Surprise" & "Password is Threesome".

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  Young And Curious 5...

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Link Here 27th April 2018
DVD front cover Young And Curious 5 is a 2018 US adult film by Paul Woodcrest (Digital Sin)

Starring Alyce Anderson.

Promotional material

Emma Hix, Britney Light, Alyce Anderson and Darcie Belle, curious about their sexuality, invite you to witness their beautiful cumming-of-age moments! So sit back, relax and enjoy over 2 hours of youthful sexual fantasies. Four beautifully filmed scenes with young girls pleasing their partners.

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  Unexpected Action...

Recommended by the BBFC

Link Here 23rd April 2018
DVD front cover Unexpected Action is a 2016 UK adult film (UK Sinners)

Starring Candi Blows.

Promotional material

Enthusiastic babes take a face fucking with ease, making like a sword swallower and opening their throats to accommodate a fat cock before parting slender thighs and inviting the handsome guy to give them a thorough seeing-to! The gods were smiling down on these lucky guys -- no dating, no niceties, just some good ol' fashioned fucking!
The BBFC commented:
  • 3:33s of cuts required to dialogue implying incestuous relationships between characters engaged in sexual activity.

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  Rose Escort Deluxe...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 18th April 2018
DVD front cover Rose Escort Deluxe is a 2018 France adult film by Mark Black (Marc Dorcel)

Starring Lullu Gun.

Promotional material

Rose Valerie, Mina, Lullu and Susy are the most demanded luxury escorts by a high-end clientele. Seeking constantly to satisfy the fantasies of these rich men, they never hesitate to push the limits of perversion.

Each of our experts each develops very specific skills that meet expectations of their clients, even the most deviant ones. They always ask for more. As great sex lovers, you can count on them to always wear the most sensual outfits that will highly excite their lucky partners.

For her first appointment, Rose Valerie comes to a very private club. Alone with her client, she will satisfy his voyeuristic desires by using sex toys just before offering herself to him and sucking his cock deeply till he cums on her face.

For Susy, it will be a nocturnal encounter with a man who wants to break his loneliness by sado-maso games. Dominated or dominant, nothing can stop our escort girl in her mission by letting her client satisfy all his perversions till the orgasm. She will answer later to the fetishist expectations of another lucky guy with the same devotion.

And finally, Lullu! Behind her wise appearance and her small glasses, she hides her game well. She won't wait to go to the bedroom to unveil her true nature and offer her sexy buttocks to her client who will enjoy with no limit. Then, she will take part to a threesome with the delicious Mina who will let her put her tongue between her legs before the gaze of a man who won't wait a longtime to revel in these many pleasures that these sublime bodies will procure him.

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 Obituary: Porn Star Legend, Cara Lott...

Dies aged just 56 years old

Link Here 11th April 2018
DVD front cover Golden age star, Cara Lott has died after a long bout of kidney disease aged just 56 years old.

Cara's filmography is extensive, totaling more than 180 adult videos between 1981 and 2009, for companies ranging from the top producers at the time (VCA, Vivid, Caballero, CDI, Las Vegas Video, Arrow, Leisure Time/Venus 99) to lesser-known ones such as Atom, Select-A-Tape, Cadre and Bel-Air. In fact, it appears that at one time or another, Cara had worked at least once for almost every producer who put out a videotape in the 80s and early '90s. Dialogue was never her strong suit, and all-sex videos were her preferred genre.

She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2006.

Examples from her films 1984-87

  • Club Taboo (Video) Constance 1987
  • Party Doll (Video) Dolly 1987
  • Pay the Lady (Video) Leslie Ann Wilkerson 1987
  • Star Cuts 40: Cara Lott (Video short) 1987
  • The Color of Honey (Video) Barbie 1987
  • The Pleasure Machine (Video) 1987
  • Good Lust Charm (Video) 1986
  • Aerobics Girls Club (Video) Rusty 1986
  • Dirty Harriet (Video) 1986
  • Ladies in Heat (Video) 1986
  • Nasty Habits (Video) Lesbian in flashback (uncredited) 1986
  • Up to No Good (Video) Phantom 1986
  • The Ginger Effect (Video) Rebecca 1985
  • Dirty Pictures (Video) 1985
  • Double Down (Video) 1985
  • Physical II (Video) Nancy 1985
  • Sex Shoot (Video) Joanie C. 1985
  • The Heat Is On (Video) 1985
  • Desperately Seeking Suzie... (Video) 1985
  • It's My Body (Video) Fran 1985
  • Midslumber's Night Dream (Video) 1985
  • Sizzling Suburbia (Video) Vicky 1985
  • Spermbusters (Video) 1985
  • Tailhouse Rock (Video) 1984
  • Daddy Doesn't Know (Video) Sheri Osborne 1984
  • Hot Spa (Video) 1984
  • I Like to Be Watched (Video) Carla 1984
  • Where the Girls Are (Video) Laurie Rush 1984
  • Shave Tail (Video)

Porn Star Legends: Cara Lott is a 2013 US adult film (Porn Star Legends)

Legendary starlet Cara Lott is a foxy blonde with a dancer's body and an insatiable appetite for sex. She's got sexual exuberance and erotic intensity- everything it takes to be a star worthy of induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. She also appeared in such mainstream film productions as Body Double and 52 Pick-up. Cara appears here in seven sizzling scenes of pure classic porn.

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  Swingers Wife Swap 5: The Pajama Party...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 11th April 2018
DVD front cover Swingers Wife Swap 5: The Pajama Party is a 2018 US adult film by Luc Wylder (Adam & Eve)

Starring Blair Williams.

Promotional material

Blair Williams wakes up in the aftermath of a tremendous orgy, remembering the electric energy of the night before, and we get to see how it all started. Hosts Dylan Snow and Zoe Clark, appealingly en déshabille, open the door to welcome us into their home, where we will be viewing their very intimate swing party. The first to arrive is Justin Hunt, whose door prize is an enthusiastic blowjob from Zoe and a chance at a super-hot threesome with the hosts.

When Blair Williams gets Dolly Leigh alone, she's ready to show us that she's kinkier than we might think. A little rope bondage, a matching collar and ankle and wrist cuffs, a blindfold and a ball gag - to be honest, none of those things really gets used, and it turns out that Blair is probably just about as kinky as we think she is, but watching the two of them devour each other will make you forget all about the kink.

There's nothing Blair likes better than when her boyfriend Danny Mountain gets to break in a new girl so she's naturally overjoyed when he gets to go upstairs alone with Giselle Palmer, a frisky blonde who's new to the scene but eager to learn all about the swingers' brand of debauchery. She loves deep throating Danny just as much as she loves having his face buried in her pussy, and once he gets around to fucking her, the real fireworks start!

The four couples at the swinger party are all done playing separately, and it's time for the mingling to begin. Blair Williams, Dolly Leigh, Giselle Palmer, and Zoe Clark take on Chad Alva, Danny Mountain, Dylan Snow, and Justin Hunt in a finely choreographed eight-way that involves four blowjobs at a time, eight bouncing tits, countless moans, pounding cocks on every side, and cumshots for all the girls.

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  Porno Things - A Stranger Parody...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 6th April 2018
DVD front cover Porno Things - A Stranger Parody is a 2017 US adult film by Adam Christopher (Creation Of Adam Productions)

Starring Betty Blaze.

Promotional material

In the small town of Chatsworth, Indiana lots of strange things are happening, the town slut Joyce's son Will is missing so she seeks the help of the town sheriff. A homeless clown named Dirty Pennywise is stalking the streets and sewers. A mysterious girl named Eighteen from the "Porn World" shows up and we answer the question everyone has been asking, what really happened to Barb.

Editor's Note: Maci May & Adam Christopher do not appear in this movie.

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Hot Movies

Hot Movies

Hot Movies

Hot Movies is a major US Video on Demand website.

Perhaps following the example of the more mainstream website, Amazon, scale matters when operating an internet resource. Customers are attracted to the websites that stock more or less everything and Hot Movies fits the bill. In fact it probably needs the caveat that Hot Movies stocks nearly everything available in the US. Hot Movies does stock European films, but only those distributed in the US.

Hot Movies plays everything totally straight and in 10 years, Melon Farmers has not received a single complaint about customers not getting what they have paid for. (or anything else for that matter).

The website offers all sorts of navigation options to get to a film of interest, but whenever I use the site I have a title or star in mind and opt immediately for the search facility. It works perfectly well, but I always wonder why so many websites offer such tiny little boxes to enter search terms.

I do enjoy using extensive sites such as Hot Movies. I may start off a session looking for a particular film but I am easily distracted by such options as being able to get a filmography of the stars in a film. I am often distracted from my basic quest by the option to see the bio of a particularly attractive performer. Sometimes I get carried away with following up alternative leads and spending all my time available navigating rather than actually viewing.

Hot Movies has an enormous range of movies available along with plenty of viewing options. It is not quite so strong on critical reviews of what is hot and what is not.

Links Hot Movies See for yourself at Hot Movies

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