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Cam sites prove a popular distraction during troubled times

Link Here24th March 2020
As a result of Covid-19 free chat sites are seeing an influx of new customers. In a time of social distancing, cam sites offer an enjoyable way to get personal whilst staying safe.

Cam sites are growing overnight, even more than they already have. Be it new cam girls or just loads of new viewers and users, free video chat sites are hitting on all cylinders at the current time.

Free chat sites like Chaturbate, , and Streamate are seeing huge bumps in users.

Porn and the adult industry as a whole are relatively immune to economic downturns because as people get laid off they tend to want to get laid more. They consume more paid sex services and products as a whole. Be it premium porn sites (a dying industry) or the current generation of internet porn; live sex webcam shows, porn usage goes up in rough times.



Square pegs in round holes...

Support falls away for California's onerous campaign against sex workers in the gig economy

Link Here25th February 2020
California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, author of the mean minded AB5 bill which uses new standards to classify California workers as either employees or independent contractors, is working on a new bill, AB1850, which is expected to include language that would clarify the employment status of adult industry performers, such as cam models, who utilize video streaming platforms.

The AB5 standards, known as the ABC Test and the Borello Test , have caused confusion, particularly among California-based adult webcam models, as to whether AB5 would reclassify them as employees, even when they have no employer.

Last week California Assemblywoman Christina Garcia introduced Bill AB2389, initally she received support from adult trade groups and Lorena Gonzalez but this support has now ebbed away after realising just how onerous the law would be.

As reported by XBIZ, several adult organizations, including APAG and the Free Speech Coalition, vocally criticized AB2389. Eventually, Gonzalez announced she would pull her name from the legislation, and IEAU issued a formal apology for its participation in its drafting.



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