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Sex Machine Reviews

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Link Here 2nd July 2015

machines spank o matic ii The Spank-O-Matic II is a revolutionary spanker powered by compressed air. The action of a pneumatic cylinder is an outstanding power delivery profile for spanking, paddling, and caning. The single paddle is designed to be used across both buttocks and is a heavy 3/8" clear polycarbonate, virtually unbreakable and strong enough for anything!

The stand supports the head unit at any height from the floor to about 36" high with infinite adjustability. The head can both swing and pivot in a 360 degree arc offering you complete control over spanking speed and power from the hand control. You're not limited to spanking on a bench, go for it on the bed, the ground, kneeling over, even suspended or in a sling! You are looking at the ultimate spanking machine .

The Spank-o-matic II controller lets you adjust the stroke power and speed with ease or you can have fun with the pre-programmed settings, of which there are 8 to choose from and the 10ft power cord allows you to be anywhere in the room!

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