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OR Penis Masturbation Machine...

Sex machine reviews

Link Here 8th July 2013

Masturbation is most pleasurable when it is performed hands free; removing the connection of your hand on your penis makes the sexual experience more real and far more intense. Manual masturbators still require the user to hold onto and move a device to achieve orgasm; a battery operated device will improve the masturbating experience but ultimate pleasure can only be achieved by using a totally hands free electric masturbator; such a device is far more powerful and creates stronger and more fulfilling orgasms than a battery powered device.

The OR Penis Masturbation Machine is at a sensationally low price, you can now buy an electric masturbator for less money than many battery operated devices. If you have never gone electric before and want to experience a stronger, better and more exciting orgasm then we guarantee you won't be disappointed. The OR Penis Masturbation Machine is a well built branded unit, OR are a world leading sex machine manufacturer. The sex machine comes with two penis sleeves, one gives the user a lovely moulded pussy to enjoy and the other is a tighter moulded anus - anal sex once a taboo is a common activity between heterosexuals, the tighter experience and the thought of going where you shouldn't adds to greater excitement and fulfilment.

The OR Penis Masturbation Machine can be used in any position; this gives the user a sexual position relating to the mental picture they are conjuring; or if watching a P.O.V. (point of view) porn movie they can obtain a position to help imagine screwing the girl they are watching. The OR Penis Masturbation Machine will give the user an almost real sexual experience as the moulded vagina and anus are made from realistic skin and provide the user with the same sensation as real sex.

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