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Love Rider


Love Rider Sex Machine...

Also known as the Love Glider

Link Here2nd May 2021
The Love Rider is sometimes known as The Love Glider and is a high quality machine replicating the expensive Monkey Rocker. If you have money to burn buy the Monkey Rocker but if you want a sex machine that does exactly the same and is built to CE/EU standards then save a fortune and buy the Love Rider.

Unlike many fucking machines the Love Rider uses no electricity and there is no complicated set up required. The sex machine is powered by the user's own body movement and this makes the user in control of their pleasure. Most sex machines do the pounding, similar to a man fucking away at his speed, whereas the Love Rider simulates the action of the woman sitting on the man and moving in a way that she wants thus providing her with an orgasm when she is ready - total control.

A huge advantage of the Love Rider is the compatibility with Doc Johnson's Vac-U-Locksystem. There are numerous types of penetrating aids available from Doc Johnson, ensuring the user of a quality sex toy to use with the Love Rider sex machine. To get you going the Love Rider comes with its own pair of 6.5 (16cm) toys, a dildo and a tapered dildo for anal pleasure.





Love Rider Sex Machine...

Review of a fantastically low priced fuck machine that rivals Monkey Rocker

Link Here8th March 2012

When Tina called me from to ask if I would like to do a review on their latest fucking machine I was so willing, between you and me I would have done the review for free as I always wanted to try out the iconic Monkey Rocker that has dominated the rocker market for so long.

Basically the Love Rider Sex Machine is the same as the Monkey Rocker but under half the price!!

When I took delivery the Parcelforce courier was kind enough to help me in with it, wow the box is large and heavy, when all unpacked not too bad - I keep mine under the stairs.

As always with the delivery was next day and the packing was excellent, comes in a double wall cardboard box and after removing this the actual machine is packaged in it's own retail box, lovely looking and well presented unlike alot of the American Fucking Machines which look like they have been made in the shed and have no instructions or proper packaging.

The Love Rider was already pre-assembled and comes with two dildos, I believe are also giving away free accessories on top of this too.

Love Rider is compatible with Vac-U-Lock dildos simply plunge one on the adaptor and you're good to go.

I can now see why Monkey Rocker has been so popular the last decade and has been featured on countless youporn style videos, this Love Rider is incredible and I think it's my favourite sex machine I've used.

First session I experienced anal using my own Vac-U-Lock raging hard ons dildo the second session I had 2 orgasms with the Love Rider and sometimes the motion of the dildo makes me scream out loud. The product description says the stroke length is a maximum of 6 but I managed to rock 7.5 of sheer pleasure from my dildo. The nice thing about this orgasm machine is that you really are in control 100% of the thrust motion and speed YOURSELF.

I tend to squirt quite a bit when I have an orgasm so was very happy just how quickly and easily the machine cleaned up, even the posh padded seat got a wipe and was ready for another session.

Even though I didn't pay for this product, if I had done I'd be over the moon to pay under ?300 can't believe are selling the Lover Rider Fucking Machine so cheap, like I said I really wanted to buy a Monkey Rocker about two years ago but no way am I paying nearly 600 for one...thanks now loads of horny girls and boys can afford one.

The Love Rider Sex Machine is branded for the United Kingdom and European territories, the USA version is identical but is called The Love Glider Fucking Machine - both versions are made in china.

It truly was an absolute pleasure reviewing this Monkey Rocker style fucking machine and would urge you to buy one, you will not regret it...I promise. rated 10/10

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