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25th November

Blogged Off...

China bans blogger conference

A meeting of Chinese bloggers due to take place in Shanghai last weekend has been cancelled, after authorities put pressure on the venue for the event.

The annual Chinese Blogger Conference, which has played host to a number of leading online commentators since it began in Shanghai in 2005, had become a forum for criticism of China's government.

Fearing attempts by the authorities to sabotage proceedings, conference organisers this year waited until just four days before the two-day event was due to start before announcing its venue.

But late last week, the venue's owners caved in to government pressure and withdrew their invitation to the conference.

Isaac Mao, co-founder of the conference, said that although Chinese authorities had upset the original scheme of this year's conference, local bloggers would still find ways to gather in smaller groups .


13th December

Update: Rumours of Repression...

China jails man for uploading video of massive police operation claiming rumour spreading

Police in China have detained two men for supposedly spreading a rumour online that thousands of police were called out to guard a wedding, state media reported.

Police in the city of Changsha in Hunan province detained the two men after they said 5,000 police and 100 police vehicles had been seen guarding a wedding convoy, the state news agency Xinhua said. The two men had uploaded a video clip showing crowds of police and the wedding convoy, Xinhua said, adding that the rumour had spread quickly, with the video clip receiving large numbers of hits .

Police have detained the two men for a total of five days so far.


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