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for eropleasure website

  • Adult DVDs
  • Download video
  • Sex Toys
  • Clicks, sales, revenue, products bought
  • Referring pages
  • Payment once received reliably. However the company no longer pays my invoices and owes money

Adult Video Universe

See article from cduniverse.com

  • Adult DVDs
  • Video on Demand
  • Aggregate sales provided but the commission this generates is not immediately clea
  • Reliable payments via Paypal
  • Small amounts paid without waiting for a minimum tally




  • A massive choice of different merchants including adult sites. Lacks any DVD sites though
  • Rates and terms depend upon the merchants
  • Links and banners provided and easy to use
  • Clicks, sales & revenue per merchant.  These can be displayed with a flexible period which is easy to navigate and has good default values
  • Individuals sales can be listed to give daily information
  • No feedback as to where successful sales are coming from within the referring site.
  • All interactions are successfully automated so no interaction with webmasters required
  • Payment always received accurately and reliably

Movie Dollars

Movie Dollars

Movie Dollars

for Hot Movies

  • Video on Demand
  • Many notable sites eg HotMovies
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Clicks, sales & revenue with good default values
  • Can set up feedback to see where successful sales are coming from within the referring site.
  • All interactions are successfully automated so no interaction with webmasters required
  • Payment always received accurately and reliably (US Dollars)


See also article about Vidshop in trading difficulties

  • Well Known DVD shop
  • Clicks & sales
  • No feedback as to revenue paid
  • No Payment!
  • The Vidshop affiliate scheme is not for real. I have had no payment for 8 months. Emails continually promise that they they are looking into it but the months slip by. Drop me an email at webmaster@melonfarmers.com if anyone else has suffered similarly from the Vidshop affiliate scheme.
  • They owe me over 10K . They haven't paid me in over 2 years. I am trying to find someone who can help me or give me advice about getting Vidshop.com to pay its affiliates.
  • I have had an email from a second company who have not been paid by Vidshop so it is not just a problem with the Melon Farmers
  • A 3rd unhappy reader reports: Having suffered at the hands of vidshop, I did get my money back - believe it or not!
  • A 4th unhappy webmaster with a similar non payment story reports:
    I am owed over a grand and vidshop are not answering my emails. This is very annoying as I have sent them hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of custom over the last few years. They are throwing away a lot of revenue, as I now promote their rivals instead.
  • And a 5th reports: Just changing dvd affiliates as vidshop are not answering any e-mails. They don't owe me a great deal but it's still annoying nonetheless!
  • I have also had the same experience with Vidshop who owe me £60 and I have been trying to contact them for the past 6 months. No one has bothered getting back to me. Iím going to post in all the adult webmaster forums so people stop getting ripped off by them
  • I have worked with Vidshop for around a year, and for the first 4 months I didn't get a penny, eventually they paid me, however things started slipping again a few months back. It seems that several large affiliates have pulled out recently and the remainder are having to fight hard for their returns. [Eventually Vidshop paid up after court actions mentioned]
  • Allan: At least I know it's not just me then. I was doing well with them and regular payments but then the money just stopped coming. They owe me hundreds and I tried to get money but they said they would look into it... Then nothing, nobody answers emails!
  • We haven't been paid by them for a few months and although this happened before they eventually paid, but this time I don't seem to be getting anywhere.
  • Hmmm I see others are in the same boat... They owe me 800 Euros...
  • 6 months of affiliate payments & £3000.00 worth of design work.
    How about a class action?
  • Problems with them like you but they owe me more then 10k.
  • Chris: I am another one being ripped off by vidshop, I have emailed and faxed no reply. Been with them over 4 years and have always had to chase for my money.

Web Hosting Products Feedback stats Reliability & Support
Hurricane Electric
  • Web Hosting, Apache
  • Adequate stats
  • Very reliable so far
  • Web Hosting, Apache & Microsoft
  • Very powerful control panel
  • Useful facility to hide registration details
  • Adequate stats
  • Very reliable so far
  • Web Hosting, Apache
  • Adequate stats
  • Very reliable so far
  • Friendly & helpful support


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