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High Society

Lower Abbeygate Street

Review by Krystal, Jan 2008: Good Selection

Good selection, good price... good selection of toys, the best shop for bondage gear,

Staff just left me to it until I approached them. Don't have to ring a bell or anything for entry, (Oh, and the sales assistant was incredibly good looking!) Ranks 2nd.

Thanks to Bellinda, May 2006: Cheery Shop

The proprietor was really nice and explained all kinds of stuff, there was plenty of choice of toys, DVDs, videos, and even kinky underwear. I would have thought this would be embarrassing, but it really wasn't.

The guy explained the workings of all sorts of gadgets, including vibrators and all kinds of things for men. The selection is really good, and my friends tell me that it's price wise the best in Galway too.

All in all: Cheery shop on three floors, huge selection, nice guy working there (good looking too! ;-) ) - not the least bit sleazy, I give it a definite thumbs up!



Jade Winters

Unit 3
Liosbaun industrial estate
Tuam Road

2pm-2am News May 2008: Cinema

Hit the news with claims that there is a cinema on the premises showing unclassified films. There are also video viewing booths

Review by Krystal, Jan 2008: Aimed More at Guys

Huge selection of DVDS, some lingerie (in some larger sizes), reasonable selection of toys, but everything seems to be slightly overpriced. No bondage gear (unless you include handcuffs).

Not a bad shop, but definitely aimed more at guys than girls! Ranks 3rd.



Pillow Talk

4 Buttermilk Walk Review by Krystal, Jan 2008: Watched

Very small shop, lots of DVDs and Mags, but not much of a selection of anything else!

I felt really uncomfortable in here! Kinda has a sleazy feeling about it. I felt like I was being watched the whole time! Least favourite.



Laura Jane Adult Shop

20 Upper Dominick Street

Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sun: noon - 6pm

Previously known as Sarah Jane's Underworld. Listing Checked in September 2020.

From Laura Jane, November 2014: Discretion

Specifically catered towards those who value discretion and privacy when shopping for sex toys in Galway

Review by Krystal, Jan 2008: My Favourite

Definitely my favourite shop, didn't feel at all embarrassed, was just like doing grocery shopping! When I entered, the sales assistant asked me to leave my bags at the till, and said if I needed any help to just ask him, the left me to it until I approached him again.

Wide selection of toys for both guys and girls, and lingerie (though no large sizes.) Some bondage gear. Sales assistant was very helpful, opening packaging for me etc. Ranks 1st.


Ann Summers

NE11 9YR

Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pm
Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm


From ETO's Mystery Shopper April 2020: Large

This large branch of Ann Summers is well placed to be the chain's northern flagship yet sadly falls short.



Pulse & Cocktails

Blaydon Business Park
Tundry Way
NE21 5SJ

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun & Bank hols: 11am-5pm

From ETO's Mystery Shopper April 2020: Very large

A very large out of town shop.

The DVD range is exhaustive with plenty of deals.

An all round impressive shop

News September 2008: Licence Restored

Pulse & Cocktails' sex shop licence was restored in court.

Magistrates in Blaydon said: Even if we had found the [no pornography advertising] condition had been breached we would still have set aside the revocation as we feel that Mr Kidd runs his business in a responsible manner.

We believe Mr Kidd would not knowingly breach the condition, and when the alleged breach was brought to his attention he immediately took steps to have the advertisement removed.

News April 2008: Licence Revoked

Pulse & Cocktails' sex shop licence was revoked in April 2008 in a ludicrous response to complaints about posters for the shop.

Pulse & Cocktails has appealed and the case will be heard in September. In the meantime the shop is continuing to trade.

From Pulse & Cocktails, April 2007: Massive Superstore

This is now a newly licensed and fully refurbished massive superstore and is split into two departments.

This first department is Cocktails, which has an excellent range of sexy lingerie, costumes, PVC, latex and hosiery in a variety of styles ranging from sizes 8-26. This department also has a huge selection of naughty novelties, gifts, games and hen and stag night products.

Pulse is where the shopping adventure really begins! The sex toys department is huge with literally thousands of toys from every corner of the globe with many items available to touch in the 'switch on and try before you buy' display area. This store also has an exclusive range of erotic furniture.

This store has one of the largest adult film departments with over 5,000 different DVDs covering every type and subject imaginable. This department also has a 42" plasma screen showing trailers of the latest films. The store also has an excellent, Gay DVD section with over 300 titles. The DVDs are very competitively priced and Pulse & Cocktails offers an excellent exchange system on all films.

There is also huge range of XXX books and magazines, none of which are sealed and all at very competitive prices.

Pulse and Cocktails is situated at Blaydon Factory Shop near. There is ample free parking outside and around the store on the industrial estate.

Gatwick Airport


Ann Summers

North Terminal
Gatwick Airport

Unlicensed store opened in November 2018.


High Street

Sister shop to that in Sheerness. Now closed



The Adult Shop

247 Gallowgate
G4 0TP

Tel: 0141 552 9774

Opened in 2011.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2020: Wide selection

A wide selection of DVDs including sections for gay, fetish, trans and granny porn. Titles were either £10 or £20 both with multi buy offers.

Review from The Adult Shop April 2011: Biggest all round stock in Glasgow

Run by Tommy and Joe, both former managers of Private Lines, we will be carrying the biggest all round stock in Glasgow. We are friendly and discreet and extend an offer of 10% off (or a free gift of similar value - at our discretion) to anyone who mentions melonfarmers

We offer a wide range of:

  • Sex toys, Rabbits, vibrators, DVDs, vibrating strap ons, strapless strap ons, hollow strap ons, realistic dildos and dongs, glass dildos, vibrating vaginas and butts, love dolls, penis developers, cock cages, cock rings, anal probes, butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, double enders and much, much, more.
  • Poppers, Action spray and cream, Delay spray and cream, Stop Stop cream, Enlargo cream, Female Climax Cream, various lubes, Flavoured lubes, flavoured massage oils, The Original Blue Pill, SMC 600 pheromone spray and much, much, more.
  • A full range of Bondage gear, Restraint wear, sexy lingerie, latex and PVC wear. We are constantly getting new stock in, and can get what we don't have in stock, next day. We should have a changing room up and running by the end of May



Agent Provocateur

213 Ingram Street
G1 1DQ

Mon-Wed :10.30am-6.30pm
Thurs: 10.30am-7.30pm
Sun: Closed

Tel: 0141 221 2538


Review from The List , Oct 2007: Busby Berkeley

Entering the newly-opened Agent Provocateur store on Glasgow's Ingram Street, with its complex, splendid set pieces, concept lighting and legions of housecoat-clad glamour girls, is a bit like shopping in a Busby Berkeley musical. Busby probably wouldn't have got the display cases of glittering whips past the censors, right enough.

‘The Agent Provocateur experience is about avoiding that very British prudery, where we insist on categorising anything to do with sex as sleazy or smutty,' said their spokeswoman Jacqui Soliman.



The Barras

36 Bain Street

Sat-Sun only: 9am - 4pm

Tel: 07985 607470

News from the shop, July 2006: Busted

The Baras has been busted for not having a licence, (Glasgow have a rights abusing policy of refusing licences anyway)

Still operating for now though.

From the shop, April 2006: Ben Dover Toys

We are now selling a large range of adult toys and we also run adult promotions such as speed dating, and adult party nights, also we will be stocking the new range of Ben Dover toys

Our new special offers are
3 DVD's for £25
10 DVD's for £75

From David: Cool Smoking Section

They sell a wide range of products from toys DVDs and also a cool smoking section


Clone Zone
Virginia St

Closed, now Luke & Jack



DVD eXchange

180 Saltmarket
G1 5LA

Mon-Fri: 10am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 5pm

Tel: 0141 552 0070

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2020: Decent pricing

DVDs iwere priced at £10 or £20 both with multi buy offers.

Untidy shop but with a friendly and helpful manager and decent pricing.


Joy 4 Us
Dixon Street

News from Stuart, closed by July 2007



Luke & Jack

45 Virginia Street
G1 1TS

Tel: 0141 552 5699

A new store which took over from Clone Zone in 2010. Listing checked in April 2020.

News September 2020: ETO Awards

The shop was nominated for Best Individual Store and Best Store Manager.

News May 2017: ETO Awards Nominee

For Best Individual Store in the 2017 ETO Awards.

Review from Joanna, April 2012: An amazing shop

Walk into most sex shops and what do you see? Plain walls, with scruffy looking boxes and crude or lewd pictures.

This isn't what sex shops should be. They should be sexy, alluring, and most of all, as undaunting as possible.

Luke and Jack is an amazing shop which goes above and beyond everything Clone Zone ever did when they owned the shop.

When you walk into the shop, there is a wide range of magazines, mostly (but not completely) aimed at LGBT clientele and books. As well as the usual erotic novels, they have books on sex, such as guides to anal/lesbian sex, strap ons, and more, books on queer culture and films, and an absolutely stunning range of erotic photography books. This theme is continued throughout the shop, with photos and other artwork lining the top of each wall, and sold at a reasonable price. Also in the opening of the shop, there a is wide range of jewelry for sale, as well as some kinky, funny and erotic cards.

It's not until you reach the corner of the shop that you realise that the main part of the shop is a sex shop. With a wide range of sex toys, arranged prettily against some nice, classy wall paper, and some extremely helpful members of staff on hand to provide information, advice, and order items in, the shop is the sexiest sex shop I've ever been to.

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of sex toys for women, but they had a small amount and were willing to order in anything I wanted.

As I left, I asked whether the shop continued downstairs - no, the Virginia Gallery is downstairs, with some beautiful pieces of art which wouldn't be displayed elsewhere. the gallery only adds to the classy service provided at Luke and Jack.

Luke and Jack is well worth a visit,

News from Luke & Jack, February 2011: Mainly gay but all are welcome

Luke & Jack is a gay owned business filling the gap that Clone Zone left behind. Although aimed mainly at the gay and lesbian market ALL are welcome.

We provide a personal shopping service that matches customers to the right product. We are also proud to be the first UK shop-in-shop for Mister B providing quality leather, rubber and fetish wear.

And that's not all. At the same location we have The Virginia Gallery, an exhibition space in the basement beneath the shop.




4th Floor, 90 Mitchell Street
Glasgow G1 3NQ

Tel: 0141-221-6449


Review required


Party Times
London Road
G40 1PB

Closed in 2015


Private Lines

Now closed



Silks & Secrets

308 Argyle Street
G2 8LY

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

Exotic wear, lingerie, shoes, DVDs and more...



SoHo Glasgow

281 Gallowgate
G4 0TR

Mon-Sat: 9am-7pm
Sun: 11am - 5.30pm

Tel: 0141 552 0540

Selling sex toys for men, sex toys for women, magazines and books.

From SoHo Glasgow, April 2014:

New Owner - New Trendy Interior - New Staff and Fantastic Atmosphere.....the locals are loving it already!!

SoHo Glasgow......Has a Huge selection of sex toys, vibrators, cock rings, lubes and a variety of adult toys of from brands you love! You can now Shop our huge selection of new porn movie releases and bestselling adult DVDs, in the Stylish New Look Shop.......Every Day

From Soho Books, December 2011:

Situated in the Gallowgate, Soho Books Glasgow is one of Glasgow's original Adult Stores with up to date stock & products.

Check in store for our special offers & sale products.

From Soho Books

Soho Books has had a complete revamp and looks brilliant! Still the buzzer for staff safety but you just have to see the place.




344 Victoria Road
G42 7RP

Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm

Tel: 0141 423 1199 News March 2008: Mean Minded Glasgow

The shop was raided in mid March by the mean minded authorities of Glasgow who thrive on denying adult entertainment from their citizens

From Temptus, March 2008: Novelties

From drinking games great for birthdays, to naughty novelties and hen essentials, the perfect gifts are in Temptus.

It's cheeky, cheerful fun at the cheapest of prices…and with over 130 novelties to choose from.

Its not about sex, its about great sex.......and thats what we are about too!! We might be a very small shop, but we are packed with naughty fun goodies, and look forward to welcoming you.

Temptus also has the full Anna Span range of DVD's, a selection of erotic fact and fiction books, and lots of sexy DVDs and magazines.

Mail Order catalogues available free to over 18s


Tramp Lingerie

Tramp Lingerie

70 Howard Street
G1 4EE

Daily: 9am-6pm

Tel: 0141 204 0345

Tramp Lingerie

Lingerie boutique opened in October 2011.



Your Secret Desires

359 Argyle Street
G2 8LT

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

Exotic wear, lingerie, shoes, DVDs and more...

Listing checked in march 2020