Melon Farming Fresh

 A website update service


  Melon Farming Fresh...

A copy writing service

Let the Melon Farmers keep your website, blog, or Facebook page updated with fresh, relevant and interesting articles

  • Any topic considered
  • Writing style by request
  • Articles will contain a mix of news and unique analysis
  • Articles will be similar in length to those on Melon Farmers, typically about 250 words
  • Best effort to avoid copyright issues
  • Validated HTML
  • All HTML elements encapsulated using a simple CSS style sheet for easy adaptation to the host site style.
  • HTML will be supplied in the most convenient format for updating a website, blog or Facebook page. Articles can be uploaded directly if security allows.
  • Naturally SEO friendly in that articles will be fresh, relevant and interesting. But the Melon Farmers do not offer SEO expertise beyond this basic understanding.

Contact Dave for further details:



  Melon Farming Fresh...

Based on articles of typically 250 words Total cost (£)
covering 1 month
Total cost (£)
covering 3 months
Total cost (£)
covering 6 months
Total cost (£)
covering 12 months
I article per month 15 45 85 160
2 articles per month 30 85 160 290
4 articles per month 60 170 (1 per week) 310 (1 per week) 590 (1 per week)
8 articles per month 110 310 (2 per week) 590 (2 per week)  
1 article per day (Mon-Fri) 260      
2 articles per day (Mon-Fri) 500      
3 articles per day (Mon-Fri) 720