Miserable Lincoln, Nebraska

    Lincolm Nebraska takes a misreable line against Midwest adult websites

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1st January

 Comment: My website got me arrested and put in jail...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Upcoming porn model gets jail time for late night photo shoot on a school football field
val midwest A 19-year-old aspiring porn star who got in trouble with the law by sneaking onto the campus at Lincoln Pius X High School and posing for naked pictures on the football field got jail time for the stunt.

Lancaster County Judge Thomas Fox gave her 45 days in jail. Last month, he found her guilty at a bench trial of trespassing and public nudity for the May 13 late-night photo shoot, during which she posed with her breasts exposed outside Aldrich Field, lying nude on the turf and sitting naked on a concrete bench. Fox handed down the 30-day sentence for trespassing, plus 15 days for public nudity.

But Valerie Dodds filed notice of appeal soon after her sentencing hearing and was released on a $75 bond later in the day.

Dodds, who performs under the name Val Midwest, posted the photos on the Internet and said on her website it was revenge for students, alumni and teachers of the school who criticized her when she announced her porn career.

Christine Loseke of the City Attorney's Office said Dodds has shown absolutely no remorse for what she's done and that giving her a fine would be a slap on the wrist. She said: I think she deserves jail for what she did.

Her case next will go to Lancaster County District Court where a judge will consider her appeal.

Update: A couple of thoughts

1st January 2013. From Alan

letter writing It seems to me that the woman from the prosecutor's office wants Valerie Dodds punished for thought crime - a certain feistiness in defending her action and a failure to be remorseful : a bit like the inquisition demanding that a heretic recant. There's also no sign of any curiosity about what motivated Ms Dodds to pose on the school playing field and outside various Catholic churches. let alone to insert a rosary into a bodily orifice. I suspect there may be some unhappiness behind the bravado, and 45 days' porridge isn't going to help her.

Another aspect of this case is that only Valerie Dodds was prosecuted. At least one other person must have been equally guilty of trespassing, or there could have been a crew of photographer, video cameraman. The moving spirit behind the Midwest sites is known to be Shane Harrington, ex-husband of Melissa Harrington, AKA Melissa Midwest. The worst case scenario is that this hapless young woman doesn't really control the website and that its boasts about the site landing her in jail are dropping her deeper into the shit. In any case, for the prosecutors to come down like a ton of bricks on a girl of nineteen, while making no apparent effort to identify or prosecute the people making the films has about it a nasty whiff of misogyny.


6th April

 Update: Unappealing Lincoln, Nebraska...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Val Midwest jailed for an early morning nude photoshoot on school playing field

ValMidwest.com Valerie Dodds, who performs under the name Val Midwest, got into trouble for posting naked photos on the Internet. She said on her website it was revenge for students, alumni and teachers of the school who criticized her when she announced her porn career.

After receiving a 45 day jail sentence, she announced plans to appeal the decision, but bad news, she is in now in jail. It appears from the valmidwest website that she was effectively bullied into abandoning her appeal by the threat of more charges.

Six weeks' porridge for public nudity and trespassing (mainly in areas to which the public are admitted) at 3 a.m. outside a few churches and on a school playing field. Compare that with small fines in the civilised world for streaking at rugby and cricket internationals.

Lincoln, Nebraska, must be a grade A shithole - and nobody would have heard of the place but for the crackpot reaction to the Midwest girls.