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No Sex in My Back Yard...

Report on sex work in Vienna, 1 year after restrictions were introduced

Link Here17th November 2012

One year after a clampdown on street prostitution in Vienna there are still relatively few areas where street prostitution is legal and no further zones have been legalised.

City Councillor Sandra Frauenberger said:

The more we succeed in pulling prostitution out of this social grey area, the better that the women involved will be protected from exploitation, violence and abuse The passing of a new law alone does not suffice -- it must be accompanied by various other changes.

At the centre of the law was the ban on street prostitution in residential areas. However there still are not enough safe areas for street prostitution to dissuade women from working in illegal brothels. Legal areas for street prostitution can be found near the Prater and Auhof regions of Vienna.

Since one year ago, no further zones have been legalised. Requests to have permitted zones in built up areas have been rejected. Hebein has criticised that the reaction from many districts is Not on my doorstep!

Less than 30 Viennese brothels currently have a permit for meeting the requirements set out in the new rules for local prostitution. 250 further brothels have applied for this permit, though it is estimated that there are over 450 such establishments and that this number is set to rise.

There are currently 2,800 registered sex workers in Vienna -- 400 more than one year ago.



Update: Squeezed Out...

Vienna reduces options for sex workers

Link Here22nd August 2013
Street prostitution is to be banned in large areas of Vienna's Prater district from September.

It is thought that as a result many of the prostitutes will move to the industrial zone in Liesing.

Gerald Bischof from the SPO said:

I don't think 300 new prostitutes will come, there simply isn't enough space, but there will definitely be an increase.

He hopes to get prostitution banned in Liesing. Over the past few months there has been 150 fines given out in the area - mainly due to prostitutes not having the correct identification and control cards on them.


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