Royal Bottoms

Harry and Kate appear in public a bit more than they would like


Intruding on Privacy to Investigate Privacy Intrusion...

Sun escapes PCC investigation of Harry photos

Link Here 7th September 2012
Full story: Royal Bottoms...Harry and Kate appear in public a bit more than they would like

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) says it would be inappropriate to look into Sun's publication of nude photos of prince

The PCC said it was in dialogue with Harry's representatives, who had not yet made a formal complaint, and that any investigation without consent could pose an intrusion in itself.

The Sun was the only British newspaper to defy a PCC advisory note not to publish the photos of Harry frolicking in the nude with an unnamed woman in Las Vegas.

It is more or less standard policy that the PCC only investigate privacy claims if those affected complain.



Updated: William Snaps...

Royal family go to French in response to topless paparazzi pictures of Kate

Link Here19th September 2012
Full story: Royal Bottoms...Harry and Kate appear in public a bit more than they would like

Lawyers for Britain's royal family will go to court in France on Monday in a bid to stop further publication in that country of topless photos of Kate Middleton, the prince's office said.

St. James's Palace said lawyers would seek an injunction in a Paris court against Italian media group Mondadori, which publishes France's Closer and Italy's Chi gossip magazines. The palace also will seek damages from the publisher, which is owned by former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi.

Last week Closer published paparazzi snaps of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, sunbathing during a holiday at a relative's chateau in Provence. Chi says it will publish 26 pages of the images, taken with a long lens from hundreds of meters away.

The Irish Daily Star reproduced the Closer photos on Saturday, but no British publication has run them.

Update: Banned

19th September 2012. See  article from

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge won their legal case blocking further publication of topless photographs of Kate. Judges banned French magazine Closer from selling or republishing the pictures and said its decision to use them had been a brutal invasion of the couple's privacy.

However more than 500,000 copies of the magazine have already been sold, about 100,000 more then normal. The ruling may do little to halt the worldwide spread of the pictures because the magazine does not own the copyright.

A freelance photographer based in France is understood to have taken the particularly intrusive pictures and sold them to Closer. He or she is thought to have retained the copyright. The French judicial system has so far been unable to discover the name of the photographer, and no further injunction against future sales can be issued.

eBay has removed copies of French Closer containing naked photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. An eBay spokesman said:

Following strong feedback from the eBay community, we will be removing these items, and are already in the process of doing so,

Update: Raided

20th September 2012. See  article from

Police yesterday raided the offices of French magazine Closer in the hunt for the photographer who took topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Detectives confirmed they were looking for evidence at Closer's Paris headquarters which might lead to the identity of the paparazzi photographer responsible.

But as they searched for evidence a Swedish magazine was publishing the photographs.

And a Danish celebrity weekly publication called Se Og Hor (See And Hear) announced that it was planning to reproduce over 60 photos spread across a 16-page supplement.



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