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Sex Work in South Africa

Campaigning for the decriminalisation of prostitution


Update: Korea's weak constitution...

Court upholds repressive prostitution laws

Link Here 1st April 2016
Full story: Sex Work in South Africa...Campaigning for the decriminalisation of prostitution
South Korea's constitutional court has upheld repressive laws establishing extreme punishment for sex workers and their customers.

The 2004 legislation drove thousands of sex workers in traditional red-light zones out of business in South Korea, but prostitution has still thrived in the shadows. Sex workers have occasionally held rallies calling for the laws' abolishment.

The constitutional Court decided to uphold a provision that makes it a criminal offence to voluntarily sell or buy sex, punishable by up to a year in prison or a fine of 3 million won ($2,600).

The ruling was made in response to a compliant by a female sex worker, who argued people have the right to choose their occupation.

A court statement said that the government could deny such individual rights to prevent exploitation and protect moral values. The court claimed that decriminalizing prostitution would inspire an explosive growth in sex trade, threaten the stability of South Korea's society and economy and inspire disorderly sexual behaviour.

Critics of the anti-prostitution laws say they limit women's freedom over their bodies. They also say that tougher punishment has made sex work more dangerous for women by creating a thriving underground industry in which they sell sex at bars, apartment rooms and through social media and dating apps, which often leaves them more vulnerable to abusive customers and pimps.



Offsite Article: Will South Africa make prostitution legal?...

Link Here 5th July 2012
Full story: Sex Work in South Africa...Campaigning for the decriminalisation of prostitution
The ANC Women's League has just won a key victory. The principle of decriminalisation of sex work was adopted at the recent ANC policy conference. This sets it on track for approval when the party meets again to decide national policy in December.

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