TV Censorship in Sri Lanka

Poor quality programmes inspires establishment of TV censors

14th September

Losing Viewers...

Producers call for TV censorship to stop their tele dramas from being crap

The Sri Lankan Sunday Times seems somewhat impressed by local TV dramas and writes:

With the uncontrollable increase of television time for of teledramas with their stories far too close to reality, amateur performance by untrained actors and actresses with unreasonably extended episodes, the quality of teledrama industry has fallen into a deplorable state.

The teledrama directors themselves who made this criticism have requested the government to scrutinize every teledrama through a censor.

The founder President present Chief Organiser of Tele Makers Guild (TMG) and experienced teledrama director Sudath Roahan explained that their main aim of this endeavour is to bring back artistic quality and standard to teledrama and attract the audience which is rapidly getting away from TV. The TMG has handed over a petition to the President and other relevant authorities to intervene and protect the art of teledrama.

The teledrama makers have requested the government to scrutinize teledramas through the Public Performance Board (PPB) like other performing arts such as cinema, theatre and even music. If even a musical show has to be examined by the censor board, it is strange why teledrama which has become a common media watched by millions is not examined, Sudath said.

Perhaps a more telling reason for the decline in TV audience:

Director Sudath Rohana said The TMG also complained that the unethical advertising practices followed by both the private and state television channels. At the beginning a teledrama episode received a 25 minute time slot. But today in a complete contrast not only the teledrama time is reduced to just 15 to 16 minutes but every single frame is filled with continuous stripes of advertisement all over the screen.


6th May

Update: Soap Censor...

Sri Lanka is to appoint a script censor for TV soaps and ration the number of episodes that these can run

The Sri Lankan government is to appoint a censor for teledramas shown on private and state television, the Media Ministry said.

Media Ministry Secretary W. B. Ganegala told The Sunday Leader that the cabinet has already decided that a script of the teledrama should be passed by the Censor Board, before the teledrama is produced. He said that this is to ensure there are no racial comments made or foul language used.

In future the Media Ministry is considering censoring visuals in teledramas as well, Ganegala further added.

Meanwhile the Media Ministry is to also reduce the number of episodes on mega teledramas shown on state television. Ganegala said that mege teledramas will be reduced to a maximum of 100 episodes as some run well over 200 episodes and as a result new teledramas are not produced. He said that a teledrama director or producer will in future have to wait six months to produce a new teledrama on state television.

The Media Ministry will also carry out research on teledramas that are being produced for local television to see if they meet  government requirements.


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