Christ on a Bike

Comedian Richard Herring winds up the nutters

15th April

Backward People of East Anglia...

Lowestoft christians have a whinge at Richard Herring's Christ on a Bike

Christians are planning to protest outside a comedy night called Christ On A Bike when it visits Lowestoft on 28 April.

Richard Herring's show is billed as a humorous look at Jesus, combining childlike guile with rigorous academic research .

Presbyterians from Oulton Broad claim the show is blasphemous and vulgar . Matthew Pickhaver, church youth worker, said: We plan to peacefully stand outside the theatre and give out a simple tract about the real Jesus.

The Reverend Kyle Paisley, from Oulton Broad Presbyterian church, said: When I looked at the flyer, I marked three things - the vulgarity, the blasphemy and the downright dishonesty of the man. We're just using our right as Christians to say how we feel.

On his Warming Up blog, Herring said: Some of the more backward people of East Anglia (and imagine how backward that must make them) are planning on protesting, which is probably great news, as that is the one that is selling about the worse so far.


4th May

Update: Idiots Protest...


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Richard Herring winds up the nutters of Lowestoft

Richard Herring performed his show Christ on a Bike -- the Second Coming at Lowestoft's Marina Theatre.

Before the show a group of 20 churchgoers waving placards demonstrated outside the theatre. They claimed that a flier promoting the show was blasphemous and vulgar. They also claim that the show mocks Jesus.

The protest was organised by the Rev Kyle Paisley of the Free Presbyterian Church in Oulton Broad and was attended by other church groups from across the region. Paisley is the son of Ulster politician Lord Bannaside (Ian Paisley).

Herring said that the show was a tribute to the life of Jesus, regardless if he was the son of God. He told the churchgoers he respected their views and right to protest. But he admitted he used vulgarity to annoy people.

The comedian, who is on a national tour, also defended himself after he described churchgoers who planned to protest as more backward than people of East Anglia, and imagine how backwards that makes them feel .

The controversial flier featured a mock up Bible in which God and Holy Spirit are seen to use 'offensive' words in a conversations with Herring. It also said Jesus was cool while people who follow him are idiots .


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