Dunno Y

 India's first gay movie winds up the film censors

27th September

Scandalised Censors...

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India's first gay film runs foul of the film censors

India's first gay film, Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun, could face serious cuts from censors because of its sex scenes.

Director Sanjay Sharma was asked to remove the sequence featuring leads Sharma and Yuvraaj Parasher, Bollywood Hungama has reported.

In an interview with the site, co-star Karpal said: Why should the censors be scandalised if two men are kissing and making love? The ones in my film are very aesthetic. And so what if it's two men making love? Love is love regardless of gender.

The film is the first Indian movie to feature a sex scene between two men. It has been resubmitted on appeal to the revising committee.


26th October

Updated: No Kisses for the Censor...

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India's first gay film receives a substantial cuts list

Dunno Y.... Na Jaane Kyun has been refused a certificate from the Censor Board untill the cuts directed by the revising committee are incorporated into the final print. The film has been stuck for the last two months after the committee suggested that the kissing and love-making related stories

Scenes between actors Kapil Sharma and Yuvraj Parashar have to be snipped out. They also had strong objections to the nudity in the film.

Kapil Sharma confirms the news and says that giving in to the CBFC's demands would have been a major compromise. The scenes in question were essential to depict the romance between the two men. If the censors can allows kisses between hetrosexual lovers why should they be averse to those between homosexual partners? he argues.

Dunno YHe points out that homosexuality is legal now following the Supreme Court's ruling on article 377 last year. And says that they may move court if the revising committee doesn't change its decision.

We don't mind reducing the length of these scenes that are already blurred but editing them out is not an option. We've already made some cuts suggested by one of the previous committees.

The LGBT community has promised to support them should they move court. But we'd like to settle the matter amicably, says Sharma.

Update: 40% Cuts on Appeal

26th October 2010. Based on article from  hindustantimes.com

The Indian censor board has cut a lovemaking scene from Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyon by about 40%. Another scene taken of a nude Yuvraj Parasher from behind has been deleted.

The first censor committee refused to pass. The revising committee (appeal board) also had problems with a kissing and lovemaking scenes, along with some dialogue.

Parashar points out that a lot of it had to do with the fact that the scenes features two men instead of a girl and a boy: We convinced them that the film is about love and not sex. And got away with 60% of the scenes intact.

The actors have also been been getting pressure from a homophobic organisation in Delhi over the last week warning them with dire consequences if the film was released. A complaint was lodged with the Khar Police Station last week. Says a petrified Parashar: Kapil and I are new to the film industry and don't want these people to harm us before our career even takes off.


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