Killer Bitch

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18th April

Update: The News of the World Recommends...

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Killer Bitch

Alex Reid DOES act out rape in his horrific new film - despite him and his wife Jordan protesting he doesn't.

In the horrific movie Killer Bitch , Reid's character sickeningly forces the girlfriend of a man he has killed to have full sex twice in a wood.

As the first newspaper to have seen the straight-to-DVD shocker, we can reveal there are SIX other explicit sex scenes, including one of a stomach-churning group rape and another featuring a topless dwarf. But Alex, 34, and his spouse have always denied the film glorifies rape - with Jordan causing a furore last September when she told of her own rape ordeal.

News of the World movie critic Robbie Collin says: This is the shoddiest excuse for a film I've seen in my life. It's Alex's first acting job for eight years. Well, when I say acting . He's having a crack. Both he and co-star Yvette Rowland have strenuously denied the film is porn. You're telling me. The production values on Milfs Like It Big were much higher.


12th January

Update: Killer Bitch at the BBFC...

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Hyped by the Daily Mail, closely watched by the BBFC

There were major problems with the British film censors over Killer Bitch . We were told the BBFC was very concerned at the content of the movie and it was screened at least four times to various combinations of censors, eventually including the Chairman of the Board. I suspect it was just a case of a movie with a high-profile tabloid reputation being referred-up because each person was too scared to take the risk of passing it himself/herself…. At one point, a BBFC Examiner sent an e-mail to the UK distributor saying it was more likely than not that there would be several cuts.

I was amazed when I found out what they claimed the problem was. We were told there were two areas of concern:

The first was a glimpse of part of the erect shaft of porn star Ben Dover's penis at the beginning of the movie. This gobsmacked me. Apart from the fact neither the director nor I had ever noticed this and the censors must have gone through it frame by frame with a magnifying glass (no reflection on Ben Dover), I have still never spotted the offending shot in the movie.

The second problem was the scene which had got the tabloids worldwide into such a tizzy when (without ever having seen it) they had denounced it as a ghastly and vile rape scene. What the BBFC was worried about was not the actual sex scene itself (which was not a rape scene at all) but the pre-amble to the sex scene, in which leading lady Yvette Rowland initially resists Alex Reid then melts in his arms.

There IS a rape scene in Killer Bitch (which in no way glamorises nor diminishes the horror but it is not the scene the tabloids got into a tizz about). And someone DOES get his cock cut off in vision. But apparently neither of these scenes worried the censors.

What seems to have worried them was the movie's reputation. It worried everyone. It was, ironically, passed uncut by the BBFC, but banned from display on the shelves of ASDA, Morrison's, Sainsbury, WH Smith, Tesco and others (although most of those sell it online). It was even withdrawn by iTunes after two days on sale for rather vague reasons. HMV remained a sole beacon of high street retail sanity and online retailers like Amazon and never had any problem.

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