Confidential Intelligence Unit

 ACPO set up secretive polotical policing unit

9th February

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Police set up Confidential Intelligence Unit

A secret police intelligence unit has been set up to spy on Left-wing and Right-wing political groups.

The Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU) has the power to operate across the UK and will mount surveillance and run informers on domestic extremists.

Its job is to build up a detailed picture of radical campaigners. Targets will include environmental groups involved in direct action such as Plane Stupid, whose supporters invaded the runway at Stansted Airport in December.

The unit also aims to identify the ring-leaders behind violent demonstrations such as the recent anti-Israel protests in London, and to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups, animal liberation groups and organisations behind unlawful industrial action such as secondary picketing.

The CIU's role will be similar to the counter subversion functions formerly carried out by MI5. The so-called reds under the bed operations focused on trade unionists and peace campaigners but were abandoned by MI5 to concentrate on Islamic terrorism.

The unit is being set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) and will be based at Scotland Yard in Central London. An internal police job advertisement for the Head of Confidential Intelligence Unit, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, reveals key details of its wide-ranging powers.

The advert says the unit will work closely with Government departments, university authorities and private sector companies to remove the threat of criminality and public disorder that arises from domestic extremism. The CIU will also use legal proceedings to prevent details of its operations being made public.


12th February

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ACPO and the Confidential Intelligence Unit

How can an organisation that is not subject to public scrutiny set up a sinister unit to monitor political and environmental groups?

A secret police intelligence unit has been set up to spy on leftwing and rightwing political groups, said the story in the Mail on Sunday. Who has decided that political and environmental groups consisting of individuals, who are guaranteed the rights of demonstration, association, free speech and privacy under the Human Rights Act, should be spied upon by this new sinister police unit?

The answer is the Association of Chief Police Officers and that is the problem.

ACPO is a private company, which happens to be funded by a Home Office grant and money from 44 police authorities. But despite its important role in drafting and implementing policies that affect the fundamental freedoms of this country, ACPO is protected from freedom of information requests and its proceedings remain largely hidden from public view. In reality ACPO is no more troubled by public scrutiny than the freemasons.

That is wrong. Senior police officers are acting with increasing autonomy in drafting these authoritarian new policies. If you wonder how it came to be that police officers are being equipped with 10,000 stun guns, despite the reports of hundreds of deaths in the United States, or how the automatic number plate recognition camera network was set up to record and store data from most road journeys, look no further than ACPO.

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30th May

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Punishing Ohio children in the name of protection

The Ohio House passed sexting legislation that prohibits minors from using a telecommunications device to send nude material to another minor.

The bill also says that children would not have to register as sex offenders if committing a sexting offense.

The ban on the practice that passed by an 86-12 vote said minors cannot post, forward, receive or possess photographs, video or other material that shows them or another minor in a state of nudity.

The bill must still be approved by the Ohio Senate before becoming law.

Those who support the measure said it is needed to protect minors from serious adult child pornography charges if they share nude pictures of themselves or classmates using cell phones, e-mail or websites such as Facebook.

The new legislation would send young sexting offenders to juvenile court for punishment that would not include jail.

1st Amendment attorney Lawrence Walters said: Ohio, along with other states is adopting specific laws that take sexting out of the realm of child pornography, creating a new offense that according to reports only punishes sexting minors as committing unruly or delinquent acts not crimes.


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