Topless in Australia

Politicians call for a ban on topless sunbathing

1st January

Nutter Niles Embarrasses Australia...

Australian beach lovers to cover up lest they offend muslims

Nutter MP Fred Nile says he wants topless bathing banned in New South Wales to protect Sydney's Muslim and Asian communities.

The Reverend Prude Nile has rejected allegations that prudishness is behind a bill he has prepared to ban nudity, including topless sunbathing, on the state's most popular beaches.

Australia's reputation as a conservative but culturally inclusive society was at risk of erosion by more liberal overseas visitors, he said.

Our beaches should be a place where no one is offended, whether it's their religious or cultural views, he said: If they've come from a Middle Eastern or Asian country where women never go topless - in fact they usually wear a lot of clothing - I think it's important to respect all the different cultures that make up Australia.

Acting Premier Carmel Tebbutt and the NSW Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell, have both said that topless bathing is an issue for local councils, not state governments.

NSW No So Liberal powerbroker David Clarke and Labor MP Paul Gibson have reportedly vowed to support the bill.

Speaking to reporters in Melbourne, acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the topless issue was one of context and clear signage: People want to go to the beach and use the beach in a variety of ways. Obviously family groups want to go to the beach, people who want to get a bit of sun all over also want to go to the beach. As long as people know what the rules are and know what to expect I think it is a matter for the individuals involved.

Waverley Council Mayor Sally Betts says she is aghast at moves by state politicians to outlaw women from sunbathing topless on NSW beaches. We've got alcohol-related violence, we've got under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour in the public domain - those are really important issues, Betts told Fairfax Radio Network. If the Reverend Nile really wants to help people he should focus on those issues.


5th January

Update: Australian Tits...

But New Zealand mayor OK with being topless in Auckland

Commenting as a result of Australia's nutter MP Fred Niles calling for a ban on topless bathing in Sydney, Auckland Mayor John Banks said he'd never put much thought into sunbathing, topless Aucklanders.

Auckland City Council has no bylaws against topless beachgoers: Nothing much shocks me these days but we have people riding down Queen St on motorbikes topless so you can hardly jump up and down about a few topless on a beach

A spokeswoman at Police National Headquarters said beach bylaws were a council issue. Police dealt with complaints about indecent exposure but topless sunbathing wasn't an issue.

Pauanui Surf Life Saving's head lifeguard, Matt Williams, believes Kiwi women are too conservative to take their gear off. He sees a handful of topless women who are discreet and usually brave the beach bare-chested after the holiday period.



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