Boobs on Bikes

 Hassles for topless bike parade in New Zealand

13th November

Update: Nutters on Boobs on Bikes...

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New Zealand complaints about Jono's New Show

New Zealand's C4 has received a number of viewer complaints after a raunchy episode of Jono's New Show .

The show featured uncensored footage from boobs on bikes parades, a dwarf involved in bondage & discipline and an explicit interview with porn stars that involved simulated sex.

One nutter, who called the show terrible and pornographic , stated that young people were still up at the time it screened and that programmes were getting worse and worse.

Jono's New Show executive producer Angela Mann says: There were clear warnings at the beginning of the show saying it would contain sexual material. We covered a topic that was of great interest to the majority of our audience.


29th May

Update: No More Boobs on Bikes?...

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New Zealand company Erotica Expos goes into liquidation

Two more Steve Crow-run companies - Vixen Direct and Erotica Expos - have gone into liquidation.

New Zealand liquidators at MeltzerMasonHeath have confirmed that the firm has been appointed following the shareholders decision to liquidate the companies.

Both companies are owned by CVC Group and their sole director is Steve Crow.

Last week NBR announced Steve Crow’s company Eden Media, formerly Vixen TV and Vixen Media, also owned by CVC Group Limited, was forced in to liquidation at the High Court at Auckland.

The application was made by printers PMP Maxum.

Update: Biking On

11th July 2009. See article from

A porn entrepreneur has vowed to go ahead with his annual "Boobs on Bikes" parade of topless women in Auckland, despite financial woes and the opposition of the city's mayor.

Two of Crow's companies have gone into liquidation at his request after earlier shows in the capital Wellington and the southern city of Christchurch lost money.


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