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Registration for US Adult Business

US adult businesses must pay registration fees

12th January

Update: Registered as Kill Joys...

Registration of strippers proposed in North Dakota

Dancers will have to give their real names and addresses to the state of North Dakota under a bill that would require registration for strippers.

Police from Fargo and West Fargo say the so-called sexually oriented business bill should help crack down on prostitution and drug trafficking they associate with nude dancers. No license is currently required.

It's common practice for the individuals who are participating as the service provider to use fictitious names, or stage names, said Mike Reitan, assistant police chief kill joy in West Fargo: We don't have any way of identifying who these people are.

The bill defines a sexually oriented business as an individual or commercial enterprise that advertises, offers or provides live nude entertainment for a fee, or in connection with any other transfer of money. The law would require someone who runs a such a business to register with the state tax commissioner.

Failing to register would be a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Senator Judy Lee, R-Fargo, a sponsor of the bill, said she introduced the bill at the request of police officials. The bill is SB2170.



Offsite Article: Censoring adult entertainment with onerous restrictions...

Link Here27th July 2015
Full story: Registration for US Adult Business...US adult businesses must pay registration fees
Pennsylvanian bill will require strippers to register with the state

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