Shootings Blame

Blaming video games for mass shootings

29th March

Update: Colorado Blame Game...

Police come up with video games as being behind a Colorado shooting spree killer

A Colorado police officer has suggested that a troubled 22-year old man who went on a random shooting spree last October may have been influenced by violent video games.

The Denver Post reports that the police investigator made the comment in regard to Stefan Martin-Urban, who killed two people and wounded two others before turning his gun on himself:

He was said to be an obsessive player of video games. Those games, authorities said are the closest police and FBI investigators can come to an explanation for Martin-Urban's actions that killed two and injured two.

Sergeant Clayton said: In the last year, he had no friends. No boyfriend. No girlfriend. No pets. He was consumed with the video games. He spent an enormous amount of time playing them, .

Martin-Urban lived mostly in isolation... after enrolling in a state college... He stopped going to classes within two weeks. His father had committed suicide in Alaska four days before the previous Christmas. His favorite videos included a prophecy that a 2,000- mile-long spaceship containing cosmic beings was going to appear in the Earth's atmosphere three days after the shooting.



Trump blames video games, social media and mental illness for shootings...

So surely it is not a good idea to let gamers or social media users to get hold of guns then

Link Here5th August 2019
Full story: Shootings Blame...Blaming video games for mass shootings
US President Donald Trump has placed the blame of the US' latest mass shootings on video games, mental illness and social media, after 29 people died in attacks in Texas and Ohio over the weekend. He claimed: Mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger - not the gun.

Doubling down on his suggestion that the attackers had mental health issues, the president called for new laws that better identify mentally disturbed individuals, adding that those people should not only get treatment, but when necessary, involuntary confinement.

Trump called for the US to condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. He also criticised the role of gruesome video games, adding that they are common place and too easy for young people to get a hold off, saying they celebrate violence.

Trump also announced that he has directed the justice department to work with local and national law enforcement alongside social media companies to develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they strike.


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