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Indian Chauvinism...

Indian state bans women from pubs after 10pm

Link Here 6th May 2013

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has reportedly banned women from staying in clubs, pubs and bars after 10 pm. Despite the legal age of drinking being 18 years, the Andhra Pradesh Government has also banned those under 21 years from these places at any time.

According to reports, a notification was issued by the State Government directing pubs and bars to ask women customers leave after 10 pm else their liquor license would be cancelled.

A senior police officer ludicrously claimed that the step was taken to stop incidents of drunken women quarreling with car drivers outside bars and clubs at night, say reports.

Women's organisations termed the move as male chauvinistic . The secretary of the Progressive Organisation of Women said:

Women are not drunkards. It's unjustifiable to ban their entry after 10 pm. Such discrimination is undemocratic.



Update: Dangerous Indonesia...

Tourists may be well advised to give Bali a miss

Link Here 23rd March 2013
Full story: Sharia in Indonesia...Starting with alcohol prohibition

Unmarried couples caught having sex could be sent to prison under a proposed revision of Indonesia's criminal code.

An amendment to the penal code was submitted to lawmakers on March 6 and must pass through the House of Representatives before it becomes law.

A Jakarta Globe report claimed that jail sentences of up to five years would be handed out to couples engaged in a sexual relationship outside wedlock.

Wahiduddin Adams, director general for legislation at the Injustice and 'Human Rights' Ministry explained that non-married couples were included in the proposed revision to reflect prevailing norms in Indonesia. He added that the law would only be enacted if a report against an individual was made by others who felt they have been disadvantaged because of the action. He claimed that: Therefore, it cannot [be used] in a sweeping operation in the field .

A blackmailer's charter then, especially useful for settling personal grudges.



Revealing a Nasty Streak...

South Korean president initiates repressive new law that looks set to criminalise miniskirts

Link Here 22nd March 2013

It seems that miniskirts will be banned in South Korea as a repressive overexposure law comes into effect this week. Those deemed to be overexposed in public will face a fine of 50,000 KRW (30) under the new law.

The nasty law has been passed by new president President Park Geun-hye at her first Cabinet meeting. It echoes the equally repressive regime of her late father Park Chung-hee, who was in charge of the country between 1963 and 1979. Under his leadership, skirts that ended 20 centimetres or more above the knee were banned.

Celebrities from the Asian country have posted pictures of themselves wearing provocative clothing online. Opposition leaders also criticised the move, describing it as curtailing freedom of expression. Democratic United Party member Ki Sik Kim wrote on Twitter:

Why does the state interfere with how citizens dress? Park Geun-hye's government gives cause for concern that we are returning to the era when hair length and skirt length were regulated.

The widespread criticism seems to have registered its point. Police now say that the law relates to nudity and public indecency and does not involve clothing. The National Police Agency's Inspector Ko Jun-ho told CNN:

Any reports that we will be regulating what people are wearing are completely false.

The Government said that it is promising to publicise the exact nature of the law and how it will be implemented.


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