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Offsite Article: A Breach of the Asbo Induced Peace...

Link Here 17th November 2013
Councils to be given powers to ban peaceful protests that might disturb local residents

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Offsite Article: New Asbo plans are assault on basic freedom...

Link Here 9th November 2013
Former DPP Lord Macdonald's Plans to replace Asbos with wide ranging new orders clamping down on anything likely to cause annoyance amount to gross state interference with basic freedoms

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Update: British Bollox...

Naked Rambler's conviction under the catch all public order act upheld on appeal

Link Here 1st November 2013
A man known as the naked rambler has lost a high court challenge against a conviction for supposedly violating public order when he walked through a town centre wearing only walking boots, socks and a hat.

Two judges in London rejected an appeal by Stephen Gough who says it is his human right to be naked in public.

Gough was convicted in March at Calderdale magistrates court in Halifax, West Yorkshire , of a breach of the Public Order Act relating to a 15-minute morning walk through the town with his genitalia on plain view .

Dismissing the appeal, Brian Leveson, President of the Queen's bench division of the high court, and Mr Justice Openshaw, ruled that the district judge who dealt with the case at the magistrates court was clearly entitled to conclude that, by walking through a town centre entirely naked, he was violating public order .

At an appeal hearing earlier this month, the two judges heard submissions from a barrister on Gough's behalf that he posed no threat to the public, and was not abusive or insulting -- he was doing no more than walking in his natural state without interfering with others, not promoting what he does or challenging those who may disagree .

Counsel for the director of public persecutions had argued that his conduct was plainly disorderly behaviour within the meaning of the Public Order Act.

Leveson claimed there was nothing passive about Gough's conduct that day in that he knew full well that many members of the public would both be alarmed and distressed by the sight of his naked body whether or not others would take a more benign view and whatever the origins or psychological reasons for that alarm and distress .



Extract: We Are What We Hate...

Salman Rushdie introduces the phrase 'culture of offendedness' to describe what modern society has become

Link Here 12th August 2013

Novelist Salman Rushdie spoke out against a new culture of offendedness yesterday, saying that people increasingly define ourselves by hate .

Speaking to a sellout crowd on the opening day of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Midnight's Children author said:

I do think that one of the characteristics of our age is the growth of this culture of offendedness. It has to do with the rise of identity politics, where you're invited to define your identity quite narrowly -- you know, Western, Islamic, whatever it might be.

Classically, we have defined ourselves by the things we love. By the place which is our home, by our family, by our friends. But in this age we're asked to define ourselves by hate. That what defines you is what pisses you off. And if nothing pisses you off, who are you?

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The high priests of PC given an unholy tangled mess to sort out...

Home Office to be investigated by ASA for mentioning unmentionable people breaking unmentionable laws

Link Here 10th August 2013

An investigation into the Home Office Go Home ad vans campaign has been launched by the UK advert censor following a series of complaints.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) confirmed they launched their investigation after receiving 60 complaints expressing concerns that the ads were reminiscent of slogans used by racist groups to attack immigrants in the past .

The regulator said some complaints also centred around the claim that 106 arrests last week in your area made in the advert was misleading.

Last month, adverts displayed on billboards transported by vans in six London boroughs were driven around in a Government effort to tell overstaying migrants to go home , or face arrest and deportation.



Poor Laws...

PC extremist council propose to ban fish and chips before 5pm

Link Here 30th May 2013

  BBC: People say that dole queues are caused by council policies suffocating local business

Mayor: Yes.. but look how slim they are!

Chip shops, kebab houses and fast food chains such as McDonald's would not be allowed to serve hot items over the counter before 5pm under plans being proposed by Salford City Council.

It announced last year that it was thinking of bringing in a ban on mobile takeaway and ice cream van trucks near schools, but the new policy would extend this to permanent takeaways.

Cllr Margaret Morris, assistant mayor for health at Salford council, spewed:

Takeaways create jobs and provide a service... BUT ...these ideas are to make sure that they are opening in the right places and not having a negative impact in our city.

We don't think they should be serving hot food over the counter before 5pm near schools, as children should be encouraged to eat healthily, so we have made this clear in our proposal.

Public health and helping to reduce obesity levels are a top priority, and while planners cannot control the food that is sold, we would like every new premise to offer well promoted healthy alternatives so people can have an informed choice about the food they eat.

Residents are encouraged to come forward with any comments or suggestions so they can be taken into consideration before a decision is made on the future of planning in our city.



Offsite Article: Something for the Slippery Slope Moralists to Consider...

Link Here 23rd May 2013
Now we are all staying in, watching sexualised talent shows, enjoying internet porn or playing violent video games, Britain is becoming a nicer place to live (except in Woolwich)

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Golden Wonder Security...

Security guards make up the law to ban photography on the public highway

Link Here 21st May 2013

Golden Wonder Security

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On Tuesday 17th January I decided I would travel the Midland Road Industrial Estate via Cottage Beck Road to take some photographs of industry around this area. Passing the Golden Wonder plant I though it would be a good opportunity to take a few shots of the site, it quickly became clear I wasn't welcome. I was stood on the road outside the site when a security officer approached. I switched my camera to video mode to record the encounter to protect both myself and the security guards from future false accusations. The footage can be seen below.

Obviously the conduct and tactics used by the two security officers has to be in question. At 04:53 an employee, who can be seen just walking past, is getting into a car behind me can be heard saying, I'll run him over to which the female officer actively encourages her by saying, you do that, that's when I moved onto the path.

What also aggrieves me is that someone in a uniform representing a company in an apparent position of authority can try and intimidate members of the public by making up laws that don't exist. This seemed to be an attempt to subjugate a member of the public into accepting what was being told was to be true. Further more hurling offensive insults and puerile slander, like seen at the end of the video, surely isn't something that someone in that position should resort to.

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Beware the Coming War Against Personal Photography and Video

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 Are you ready for the imagery war --- the war against personal photography and capturing of video? You'd better be.

The title of this piece actually isn't entirely accurate. In some ways, this war isn't just coming, it's already begun. Forces are lining up on both sides, under the radar for most of us so far, but preparing for action. And right now, if I had to place a bet (cash, not bitcoins, please), I'd reluctantly have to predict the anti-imagery folks have the better chance of winning.

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Offsite Article: Sly Fox...

Link Here 3rd May 2013
Beware of state snooping software masquerading as Firefox

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Rights Abuse in Barsnley...

Law abiding under 16s on curfew from 9pm

Link Here 30th March 2013

Children are to be banned from Barnsley town centre after 9pm unless they have an adult with them.

The town will use oppressive new powers allowing police to take unaccompanied under-16s home and disperse groups of two or more. Those who refuse to leave face arrest.

Campaigners have blasted the six-month trial in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Nick Pickles of Big Brother Watch said:

This just moves the problem elsewhere.

Treating every group of young people as criminals is quite wrong.

It is a sign police have lost control and does nothing to restore community spirit or respect for the law.

Rights abusing police failed to provide any meaningful justification why all children should be deprived of freedom of movement.  Insp Julie Marshall spoke only of reports of kids causing trouble, without even saying that the police had confirmed the trouble reported:

Police have had many reports of rowdy and abusive behaviour by large groups in the town centre late at night. The public and business community feel harassed and intimidated.



Offsite Article: Dramuary: Celebrating the Demon Drink...

Link Here 4th January 2013
Full story: Drinking Restrictions...Drinking becomes the target of killjoy politicians
Ignore the sirens of sobriety imploring you to have a Dry January, and have a wee drink every day. By Rob Lyons

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